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Adelaide Hills Speech Pathology (AHSP) is a private Speech Pathology practice situated in Mount Barker, South Australia. 

At AHSP, speech therapy is provided for people of all ages and the following communication difficulties are catered for:

  • speech disorders and delays
  • language disorders and delays
  • learning difficulties
  • language processing disorders
  • reading & writing difficulties
  • listening development
  • phonology disorders and delays
  • fluency disorders
  • neurological disorders
  • developmental delay

AHSP's Speech Pathologist, Kaylene Smith, has a particular interest in early language and pre-literacy development.

Services Provided:

  • assessment
  • diagnosis
  • therapy
  • early intervention
  • reports
  • preschool / school / workplace visits
  • tips for parents
  • reviews

Individualised therapy programmes are devised for each client. 

Clients will typically be seen once a week for a 45-minute session.  Therapy will ordinarily continue until all therapy goals are met.